Anatomy Companion


Gross & Developmental Anatomy

Review the clinical application of gross and developmental anatomy and understand the foundational roles of these sciences in multiple disciplines of clinical practice within the health sciences.



Review the functional applications of neuroanatomy as needed by the physician and understand the relevance of the nervous system to clinical practice.


Doctor's Biography

National Instructor

Jack Wilson, PhD

He is a Professor of Anatomy and Neurobiology at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center in Memphis, TN, where he has taught all the disciplines of Anatomy for 45 years. He has received over 70 teaching awards and written 45 published papers, abstracts and books. Dr. Wilson has been active in teaching USMLE Step 1 review courses for Anatomy for over 25 years.

Instructor/ Course Director

Angela Cantrell, PhD

She completed her doctorate in Neuroscience at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center and postdoctoral training in Neurophysiology at the University of Washington. Dr. Cantrell is currently an Associate Professor in the Departments of Anatomy & Neurobiology and Medical Education at the University of Tennessee Health Science.

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