Renal System

Review integrated physiology, pathology, and pharmacology of the renal system, including kidney anatomy, renal function testing, renal failure, tubulointerstitial disease, kidney stones, and neoplasm of the kidney.

Learning Objectives

  • Clinical Pathologic Correlation of Kidney
    • Describe the 7 basic presentations of kidney disease to completeness: uremia, oliguria (out-pt), hematuria, edema, fever / CVA tenderness, colicky flank pain, resistant HT.
  • Kidney Structure & Function
    • Describe the cell structure of the kidney, including the nephron, glomerulus, and the tubules.
    • Describe how to test the functional components of the nephron, including serum creatinine & eGFR, BUN, urine dipstick, urine sediment, and imaging
    • Explain chronic renal failure.

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