Institutional Partnerships

Medical Institutions

Exam Preparation & Curriculum Consulting

Medical Institutions

Exam Preparation & Curriculum Consulting

Better Scores Proven Results

Our curriculum is developed by world-renowned faculty of medical doctors and PhD’s who have prepared thousands of students for medical licensing exams over decades. We work closely with our institutional partners to develop customized review courses that integrate with your specific needs.

CLINICAL REASONING: Think like a Doctor

We give your students a problem-solving strategy for the exam


Curriculum Integration

We are an agile company where teaching is our passion and student success is our mission. We will do whatever it takes to ensure a successful review program for your students that achieves the desired results.

Course Planning

We will meet with your faculty and administration to understand your needs and customize our program to your curriculum, including free demonstrations.

Program Execution

We will support the program every step of the way to ensure success. We have been in the industry for 25 years and know what it takes to deliver an excellent course.

Curriculum Consulting

Our faculty have extensive experience assisting medical schools in development and refinement of their basic sciences curriculum to better align with the rapidly changing exams.


Access our integrated curriculum: video lectures, student notes, post lesson quizzes, and newly updated textbooks

Live Courses

Customized Live Review Course Giving Students Full Access to our World-Class Faculty & Curriculum

Mentor Advising Tutoring and Coaching Hub

  • Study plans that adapt to the needs of your students to reinforce areas of weakness
  • A personalized and one-on-one experience
  • Develop clinical reasoning and test taking skills

High Yield Question Bank

Full Access to our Question Bank of Updated Multiple Choice Questions Written for Today’s Exam

Flexible Pricing & Offerings

We can work with you to come up with the most effective and efficient program to suit your needs.

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