User Feedback

Hear what our former students have to say about Medical School Companion.

Find your method of focusing on the clinical-pathologic correlation and clinical testing to be extremely helpful and rewarding. I am excited to learn medicine again!
Alexander B.
Netter School of Medicine, Quinnipiac University
I used your teaching as my primary resource for learning, and I left the exam feeling more prepared and less worried than I had for any exam so far this year.
Kevin D.
Ross University School of Medicine
Having this study tool drastically aided me while preparing for Step 1. The doctors offering this dynamic review course are truly the absolute best in the industry!
Sophia M.
St. Matthew's University, School of Medicine
A very thorough review of important Step 1 topics. This course helps me use common sense and logic to answer questions.
Caroline M.
American University of Antigua
Your teaching is one of the main reasons why I am here today.
Richard H.
University of Central Florida College of Medicine
I am a sophomore year student of MBBS at Zhengzhou University, China. Last semester I had an Immunology course. Luckily I came across the awesome textbook MSC Immunology & Microbiology (Written by Dr. Ruebush) It helped me immensely to get a straight A in these subjects. I'm truly honored and privileged to thank you for your dedication and contribution to the book. I'll be always in debt.
Rafin A.
Zhengzhou University, China
I wanted to write this e-mail to thank you for helping me and teaching me during my USMLE Step 1 preparation. I have lots of trouble memorizing "raw" information, I always need to understand what I am reading, incorporate it in my concepts to be able to remember it properly. Today I got my report score and I got a 242, which is what I was aiming for. I am very thankful and glad for MSC's staff and especially you who have helped me so much during my preparation.
Fabricio W.
Bridgeport Hospital, Connecticutt
I really liked how we were presented with patient cases then talked about how things would present. I also really liked how everything was drawn out and explained clearly. It was super helpful to do practice MCQs together as well to see how to dissect and answer them.
Priscilla A.
Medical University of the Americas
Great to the point, with clinically/step relevant information. Was great as a review for someone briefly familiar with concepts as it helps refresh with just the right amount of detail (not too little, not too much).
Sharaad K.
American International Medical University
It provided a chance to relate certain concepts and to look at the already learned information in another angle; this maximizes the assimilation and future correct application of certain concepts.
David G.
American University of the Caribbean
Taught us a clinical perspective on assessing disease as opposed to 'random fact recall'. The presentation was superb and provided students an alternative and very logical strategy for analyzing questions.
Daniel E.
Ross University School of Medicine
I like how the professor told us what was more or less important and gave us guidance. Pharmacology is a very large subject so it was nice to have some advice on the direction of what to put our emphasis into when studying.
Michael T.
All Saints University College of Medicine