What are the Best Tutoring Services For USMLE?

The United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) Step 1 examination tests your ability to apply knowledge, concepts, principles, and patient-centered skills relevant to the medical profession. Over the years, Step 1 has become a really high-stakes examination upon which many residency programs place a lot of importance.

A poor score on the Step 1 exam can drastically limit your options. However, a good score can open up many doors for you. To ensure your best-placed for that high score, it’s worthwhile considering a USMLE tutoring service that fully prepares you for the arduous exam. Here’s a look at the top USMLE tutoring services available now.

Top 5 USMLE tutoring services

1. Elite Medical Prep (www.elitemedicalprep.com)

Promising a high-quality service, Elite Medical Prep is able to offer comprehensive tutoring online. This means they’re available wherever you are. In addition to partnering with a top 25 medical school, Elite Medical Prep will teach the best strategies on how to approach test questions. They strive to focus on high-yield material and work through case studies. They’re committed to keeping you on track and, if you are left with any unused tutor hours, you can claim them back for a 100% refund.



2. Select MED Tutors (www.selectmedtutors.com)

This online USMLE tutoring service offers one-on-one tutoring, boasting more than 32 000 hours of experience in the field. The top tutors within the organization have scored in the 99th percentile of USMLE Step 1, and students are known to have a 47-point score increase. This is particularly relevant if you have failed the USMLE Step 1 previously and are looking to drastically improve your chances with the next sitting. To ensure a maximum chance of success, Select MED Tutors will attempt to match you with the right tutor, customizing the session for your particular learning type.


3. USMLE Pro (www.usmlepro.com)

This tutoring service is committed to high-quality, individualized medical tutoring. This serves to empower students with the tools to achieve their exam goals and residency dreams. In fact, they boast some of the highest-scoring, highest-paid tutors. USMLE Pro works out a customized study schedule, one-on-one lessons and provides students with an in-depth practice test review. They use evidence-based methods that will facilitate long-term content retention, thereby improving your chances in Step 1. The tutors are ready to help medical school students from the first day through to ‘match day.


4. Medical School Companion (www.mscmeded.com)

Employing only the industry’s best medical school tutors and adopting a customized approach that leverages the best teaching methods, the Medical School Companion is another top-notch USMLE Step 1 tutoring service. Medical students looking to attain a high score on the exam can contact the organization for a free consultation, during which time a customized study plan is crafted to address strengths and weaknesses. The tutor will then work with you to schedule tutoring sessions during times that are best suited to your routine. Because this is conducted in an online format, you’re benefitting from unimpeded access to some of the country’s best medical professionals, as well as access to the online learning platform which includes online courses, eBooks, a USMLE question bank, and interactive forums.


5. MED School Tutors (www.medschooltutors.com)

The professionals at MED School Tutors will optimize your study schedule and ensure you get a head start on the USMLE Step 1 exam. Most students will meet with their tutors one-to-two times a week for two-hour sessions. Consequentially students will then benefit from in-depth Step 1 resource knowledge. The organization boasts more than 13 years’ experience with experts able to put you on the path to success – whether you’re taking the Step 1 exam for the first time or not. You will engage with a dedicated student coordinator and be matched according to your particular preferences. Additionally your areas of weaknesses will be addressed and your strengths reinforced. Your tutor will also work with you on getting in the right mindset through to final study plans and deal with any last-minute questions.

The USMLE Step 1 is a one-day exam, administered over an 8-hour testing session divided into seven 60-minute blocks. It is a tough and professionally important undertaking, so it’s vital that you are fully prepared. The best way to do this is to get to grips with the course material, practice, and work with industry professionals who can guide you through an established tutoring service.



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